Business Unit Rolling Stock Cables & Cable System for Rolling Stock
  Safe Earthing Electrode
  Battery Operated Smoke Detector
  Soft Skinned Fire Survival Cable DONCASTER CABLES
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SUNGRAACE started in 2004 with aim to established Distributor Network for concept selling products like uPVC Cable Management System from CENTAUR-UK, Battery Operated Smoke Detectors from BRK Electronics-UK, Soft Skinned Fire Survival Cable from Doncaster cables-UK, Maintenance Free Earthing Solution from ASHLOK- Chennai-India.

In 2005 SUNGRAACE got the sole Distributorship of LEONI Studer – Switzerland – A world renowned manufacturers of Electron Beam Cross Linked Cables & Cable Systems for Rolling Stock Units, which is now widely used in Railways & Defense applications.

In 2006, SUNGRAACE have started Electrical Contracting work with Hutch (now VODAFONE) for their mobile towers through out the state of Gujarat & had successfully completed almost 1000+ sites.

After that SUNGRAACE joined their hands with INDUS Towers Ltd., TVS-ICS, Emerson Network for their up gradation / sharing sites & completed so many sites for their Electrical & Civil work, Roof top GI pole, Additional Mount for existing towers etc.

From July, 2009 SUNGRAACE started working with WTTIL (TATA Telesrvices) as a Total Solution Provider (TSP) for their Mobile Towers & have successfully completed 10 sites as of now.

Apart from the Contracting works for Telecommunication Industry, SUNGRAACE have also established the name for ASHLOK- Safe Earthing Electrodes, Fire Survival cables & 9v.Battery Operated Smoke Detectors in very know Corporate, State & Central Govt. organizations.

SUNGRAACE wish to enter in Merchandise Export business for specialized products from Pharma, Electrical / Mechanical & Automobile Industry.