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  Safe Earthing Electrode
  Battery Operated Smoke Detector
  Soft Skinned Fire Survival Cable DONCASTER CABLES
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  In modernen Labors werden innovative Kunststoff-Mischungen und Kabel entwickelt.
Die Produktionseinrichtungen sind durch grosse regelmassige Investitionen auf einem hohen technischen Stand.
Ein eigenes Brandlabor fur Tests nach DIN 4102 an kompletten Kabelinstallationen, Tragsystemen und Kabelarmaturen steht im Einsatz.
Zahlreiche nationale und internationale Zertifikate belegen die Innovationskraft des Unternehmens.
  Ashlok is an electrical services company headquartered in Chennai. We at Ashlok are firmly committed towards putting in consistent efforts to walking the extra mile that actually matters. Thus after fourteen years of arduous Research and Development, we developed Asia's first safe Earthing electrode.
Ashlok's core competence is in engineering, manufacturing & installation practices along with testing of highly conductive and corrosion free Earthing system as well as lightning protection systems.